Hamacancum aragoren taracvum e sa. inch kap ini Naren

«If I’m sincere, then I must say that I was expecting such a reaction. True, I did not expect that everywhere in the world to meet my everywhere and get such a positive response would have such a widespread, but I knew I would not miss the people’s eyes, «singer Nare Gevorgyan told Asekose.am, referring to her» the song to the soldier «and his responses to the exciting performance.

According to Nare, the most important thing for her was to bring the song to people.

«Many people call me and say you have seen how much your views, how many people are spreading on their pages, but I must honestly say that, despite the pleasant responses, I do not pay absolute attention to the views, this song was about bringing people to know that people would know Gor Kirakosyan, who is dedicated to the song. »

To the question if Nare Gevorgyan had a direct connection with Hero Gor Kirakosyan, and because of this connection the singer was so excited at the talk, Nare said:


We felt on our skin, so my excitement was unclear. What does Nare Gevorgyan have with Gor, who died in April?